Custom Design/Build

Monument Homes crafts custom-designed homes that address our clients’ specific needs and reflect their individual tastes.

Don’t be intimidated by the misconception that “custom” means expensive or over-the-top. Perhaps that’s true with a cookie-cutter builder, but not at Monument Homes. We often use one of our standard house plans as a starting point, then customize it to look entirely different or to meet a specific client requirement. We encourage customer involvement in personalizing a project, and the results are well worth the effort.

To us, “custom” simply means different than standard. Provided it’s not complicated, it should not cost much more, and “custom” does not always mean complicated. We have a reputation for taking standard parts and making them look custom. This is especially true with our kitchens and trim details, many of which have become known as Monument Homes’ Signature Features.

What to expect:

Blueprint of House

Our custom home and design/build projects start in consultation with us, the builders. We will interview you in-depth to determine the scope of the project and the factors that are influencing your decision process. With this information, a Monument Homes representative will make suggestions and guide you to the most cost effective method or design to accomplish your objectives.

Based on the above input, we develop sketch plans and general specifications, which are presented at a follow-up client review meeting. Once you are comfortable with the general design and scope, formal plans are developed by either an in-house draftsperson or an outside architect, depending on the level of complexity and detail required.

Some clients provide layouts they have seen elsewhere or house plans developed by their own architect. Your plans or ours—either way is fine, as our goal is to be as accommodating as possible.

The initial intake/conceptual design process with Monument Homes can save thousands of dollars by streamlining the architect’s workload. At the same time it serves to reinforce client goals and expectations in our minds.

“Customization” is part of our everyday vocabulary. But again, custom does not have to mean complicated or expensive! We create homes that are wonderfully livable and highly functional, yet uniquely personalized.